My other publications

The outcomes of my thinking are also published in media more accessible for application in society.

Nieuwe Business Modellen; een verzameling duurzame columns 2018
Two of my columns of 2018 are part of a book on sustainable business models edited by Jan Jonker

Richting geven aan de Circulaire Economie
With Denise Reike and Walter Vermeulen an article about the cacophony on the circular economy in the Dutch journal for environmental professionals

Circular Economy 3.0: getting beyond the messy conceptualisation of circularity and the 3R´s, 4R´s and more…
With Walter Vermeulen and Denise Reike a book chapter of the CEC4Europe Factbook



Collaboration for Circular Economy: Linking sustainable public procurement and business models
With Rodrigo Lozano a research and advisory report under the European Rebus (Resource Efficient Business Models) project for the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management

Tijdschrift milieu

Advies over een raamwerk voor Impactmeting voor Circulair Inkopen
With Walter Vermeulen and Denise Reike an advisory report for the Economic Board of Utrecht on circular procurement in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands

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