Sjors´s professional life

Sjors is an organisational sustainability expert. Raised as an Industrial Design Engineer in Delft, the Netherlands, Sjors became familiar with innovation management research and education in collaboration with companies. He did his master thesis on the development of a method to grasp the experience of project managers of New Product Development teams in the Netherlands. As a visiting researcher at Stanford’s Center for Design Research, the method was also applied in several companies in Silicon Valley. To put his experience directly into practice, Delft professor Jan Buijs asked Sjors to co-teach the product innovation management course of the IDE master in Delft. Subsequently, Sjors became an assistant professor at Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia and taught corporate sustainability management (e.g. Environmental management systems) and tools (e.g. Cleaner production, LCA, eco design) based on the developments in these topics in Delft. Sjors initiated the DIPS research group to do transdisciplinary research with Colombian organisations. Some important DIPS projects: the international roundtable on resettlement financed by the World Bank; the presidency of the technical committee 36 (i.e. the development of the ISO 14040/44 standard) of the Colombian standardisation institute; and an LCA project for General Motors Colombia. From 2007-2014 Sjors worked as a senior consultant responsible for projects for many big SMEs in Europe to support them with the integration of QHSE and sustainability issues into their organisational systems. Sjors’ consulting, research and educational experiences were synthesised in his PhD thesis. This thesis contains the development of a method for retrospectively determining the success of interventions in the social dynamics of the organisation based on their vision on sustainability. In his thesis, Sjors calls for more long-term transdisciplinary research methods and a close collaboration between academic and non academic organisations. During his PhD, Sjors supported the initiation and coordination of the Sustainable Business & Innovation master of Utrecht University in which he taught several courses and supervised various masters theses. Currently, Sjors is an assistant profesor of the Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University where he teaches on alliances and strategic change. Over the last 4 years, Sjors has supported the Dutch government in the succesful development of circular procurement. Sjors has also reviewed many papers for several scientific journals and is an active member of the ISDRS (international sustainable development research society) and co-chair of the ISDRS track on corporate sustainability strategies and research methodology.

But above all, Sjors is a loving husband and a father of two wonderful daughters.